The inlaid patterned film is the most durable method for using the Sharkview concept. It consists of our specially produced 50 micron polyester reflective film with perforations. Our patented perforation method allows the resin to pass through the film bonding the blank film, and glass layers together. The weight of the film is negligible and depending on the type used will only add 80-100 gm to the board. The pattern can be made from the size of the perforation and as its made mechanically can never fade or vary. Several methods of using a standard 70/30 (70% remaining 30% removed) film can have as limited visual range and the varied holes but this can have variation and cannot not be calculated as easily and the pre cut holes.On the positive side other methods allow for the board makers creativity or personalised designs to be used.

Full destructive testing by CSIRO will be carried out in the next year and the expected result from our test suggests 15-23% stronger with 3-5% reduction in flex compared to a normal board. We will provide a link as it is completed.As the inclusion of the film needs a higher skill level than the average board maker Sharkview has been working with the best and most innovative Shapers and Glassers to refine the methods and procedures. They have access to our inlays and understand the process each being the leading board makers in the area. Custom made boards will be available once training and testing is completed (mid 2018).

Depending on the preferences of the board maker the following variations may be available As well as our defined pattern custom made versions. These allow for greater creativity and individual preferences. we have come up with a set of guidelines to get the camo effect with the board makers.

  1. Phantom – Formed by the perforation size it creates the pattern in a mechanical and permanent way. Its the best camouflage affect with an estimated visual range of 5m or less in 30m visibility water and 2m in 5m visibility water.
  2. Underlay -Doubled up 2 full layers of uniform 70/30 perforations are orientated to form a recurring pattern either in large doughnuts or smaller circles. The estimated visual range is dependant on the alinement’s but at worse 6 m and best 3.5m
  3. Mosaic – Full layer of 70/30 with cut shapes of film as an under layer allowing for individual creativity. The estimated visual range is dependant on the shapes used but at worse 6 m and best 3.5 m
  4. Rice Overlay  70/30 configuration is put under a thin  printed rice paper in the correct shapes and colour shades  of Black, Dark Grey Mid Grey. The estimated visual range is dependent on the paper used
  5. Rice Underlay 70/30 hole configuration is put over a thin printed rice paper in the correct shapes and colour shades  of Black, Dark Grey and Mid Grey. The estimated visual range is dependent on the paper used 
  6. Painted Blank The foam blank is painted n the correct shapes and colour shades  of Black, Dark Grey and Mid Grey. Other colours Blue for tropical waters and Green for more temperate have been trialed . The underwater  visual range can be as low as 3 m.  In all cases a high gloss or polished finish is needed for the correct affect.
In the future Ready made boards will be able to be purchased from our Newcastle show room and some special offers are below for prototypes and test models



Our decals are made from our high grade polyester film with an adhesive we have been testing and using in the water on the hull of our research vessel without any lifting issues for 2 years. Decals are available from our Newcastle showroom

  1. Phantom The Patented algorithm pattern is the highest camouflage affect with an estimated visual range (by MOE method) of 6m or less in 30m visibility water and 2m in 5m visibility water.
  2. Grey FADERThe Patented algorithm pattern in grey camouflage affect with an estimated visual range (by MOE method) of 10m or less in 30m visibility water. This pattern well be effective in a wide range of water colours. Matches the wetsuits and DuelSkin colour and pattern-The estimated visual range is dependent on water conditions and will vary with light levels.
  3. Blue FADER The Patented algorithm pattern in Blue camouflage affect with an estimated visual range (by MOE method) of 10m or less in 30m visibility water. This pattern is aimed at tropical water match DuelSkin Fader Blue. Will perform best in tropical or very clear water
  4. Green FADER The Patented algorithm pattern in green camouflage affect with an estimated visual range (by MOE method) of 10m or less in 30m visibility water. This pattern is aimed at temperate water colours to match DuelSkin Fader Green. Will perform best in dark or water where more algae is present.

How to fit Decal

If you have attached a sticker or decals to a surfboard boards before this is no different only bigger. If your not confident then take to a board maker or other professional window tinter’s or even sign makers. To do it your self here are a few hints to make the job easier. You will need a scissors box cutter and sponge. Take your time if you rush you can get ripples. Grab a mate 4 hands is much easier then 2 and use a table or workbench not the ground- kitchen tables and benches work well. Click here to read the steps or watch the videos below.


The initial concept for the wetsuits was to use a reflective materiel and mimic fish scales method exactly. The highest reflective wetsuit materiel available was a titanium coated neoprene which was less reflective in comparison to the boards and offered limited flexibility than other wetsuit materials. A wide variety of shapes, patterns and contrast levels were tested in the pool by our propitiatory MOE techniuque. Once the best performing balance was obtained the size, contrast and brightness levels were transferred to the final base pattern Soft Grey 7.4 called Fader. The versions were then tested for a Sharks vision and the final best overall performing 2 made up in Lycra body suits for in water testing against previous suits and black controls. This base pattern was the most effective and is a highly viable camouflage for the surface. The shapes, colours, brightness and contrasts work in conjunction to disrupt the outline and the lighter sections form a neutral background on which the prevailing water colour is least effected.

1. Fader Full flex Chest zip Mens and Womens

The Chest zip Fader Made here in Australia by by XXXXXXXXX is constructed of the highest quality Materials:

  • Super stretch and lightweight with a high quality hand feel that is smooth and comfortable against the skin.
  • Flash Lining with 25% more stretch, lower profile and lighter. Two engineered layers that funnel water rapidly out of the suit making it the warmest and most comfortable
  • Triple glued, double stitched seam that only penetrates one side of the material providing a high stretch, high strength, water sealed seam.
  • Slimline Liquid tape technology for Ultimate sealed seams. Featuring a low bead to increase stretch performance, it acts as an external barrier to cold water by further increasing the integrity of the seam.
  • Smooth mesh panels that absorb solar heat and reduce wind chill.
  • Super stretch tape offering the ultimate in seam seal, stretch, and comfort.

2. Fader back zip Mens and Womens

This is the more economical option but with the same camouflage effect.

3. Size Chart

For a more custom option 1/2 sizes are available on request and some colour variations. For example full camouflage pattern instead of black torso. Open Size Chart

DUALSKINS Why not have both?

If you cant decide which colour is the best for your area we have a solution. In an ideal world you would have a range of suits for each habitat and background like a golfer with a set of clubs. But the price of wetsuits makes this difficult. Now you can have a cost effective over suit that could be used where your regular suit is not as good then you get the best of both. The right colour and the right suit. Better still what if the over-suit was reversible with 2 pattern then you have doubled the use so you can have both colours. With one high quality wetsuit and 2 over-suits give you 5 possible habits and light level patterns. Now that’s a range that will match the surroundings better than any 1 suit. Available in.




Traction Pads

The material of the pads is l EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate copolymer) with marine grade 3M adhesive that is water and corrosion resistant seawater. Ideal shock resistance and tensile strength, strong and good shockproof/cushioning performance. Eva is recyclable and non toxic

Colours: Light Grey, White, Checkerboard

  1. Light grey is the same neutral shade found on dolphins and a lot of sharks as it blends into a variety of  backgrounds best.
  2. White is also good option for in-water camouflage as it picks up the the water colour
  3. The Check combines the aspects of the neutral Grey and white


7 foot with 6mm or 7mm with stainless swivels either in Clear or Grey


Soft socks and travel covers in single and and double board with our logo

Translucent Fins

These are the most translucent fins we have been able to find and are the overall best option. Measures by our MOE method they have a visual range underwater of 4-8m depending on angle

Application Kit Set

  1. Safety cutter for cutting decals on the board as you can run the cutter along the rail with no fear of damaging
  2. Box cutter for fin slots and edges
  3. Blue felt applicator if you do push hard you wont damage the decal.
  4. Grey and clear edge tape. Use it to protect the edge of the decal and replace after a couple of months or if any damage occurs

Inlay Boards currently available  PB, Bondi Blue and JBay Green 

PB5 was what we consider our 1st perfect board in tests it had an underwater visual range of 3.2m. It will be available from 5'10" to 6'4" on order. We a White deck 6'2" and a Grey deck 6'1 in store with more to come.  

Bondi Blue is aimed for more tropical water and may outperform the PB's in that rich dark blue water. We have 2 in store now 5'11"  with white and a 6'2 with blue deck.

JBay green was made specifically for that beach and the colour range found there. It would also be a good match for Victoria, South Australia and other similar locations. This board is a Cross Breed 6'5' and is under offer but short baod versions are able to be ordered.

Prototypes 6' and 6'2 we have a few test boards that we re polished to bring closer to our 5m ocean minimum. Thses can be ataken out for test rides and are for sale.