Dualskin Girls Fader Blue

To meet the specific requests of surf Photographers that need to be less visible on the surface as well as under water the Fader was overlaid with a light and darker blue. The blue version is aimed at tropical water clear water and as the contrast levels are the same as the Base. Its effectiveness (EVD) will be similar in the right blue colour water but less so in other colours. This pattern out performed every spear fishing wetsuit tested and has been tested by underwater photographers as well as spear fisher to reduce fish being spooked.

Fullly reversible Pants and Top  with dark blue outside and light blue inside. Ideal for divers, underwater photographers  surfers and spearfishers for use in tropical blue water. Wear as skinsuit or over a thin wetsuits. 


  • 4-way stretch Lycra, soft and stretch, breathable and comfortable 
  • Overlapped Four needle six lines seems for extra durability
  • UPF50 + UVA and UVB protection, VV and rash protection
  • Attached hood and foot stirrups 

Type: Dualskins