Dualskin Girls FADER Combos

The Base Camouflage is 50-80% less visible than a black wetsuit. It is designed for distances of 8 to 20 m in bright sunlit water when viewed from underneath or laterally. The lighter version for midday and darker for early morning or overcast conditions.

 Fully Reversible in Pants and Top  with Darker Grey outside and Lighter Grey inside Darker Blue outside and Lighter Blue inside or Dark Green outside and Dark Blue inside. Ideal for divers, underwater photographers  surfers and spearfishers for use the widest range of water colours. The Fader grey is the base pattern that  others were derived from. Wear as skinsuit or over a thin wetsuits. 


  • 4-way stretch Lycra, soft and stretch, breathable and comfortable 
  • Overlapped Four needle six lines seems for extra durability
  • UPF50 + UVA and UVB protection, VV and rash protection
  • Attached hood and foot stirrups 

Type: Dualskins